The Company: Moving Insurance LLC

Relocation Insurance Group, is the brain child of Gadi Binness, an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the relocation insurance industry. The ompany operates five relocation insurance related,,, and These sites are also accessible via the website., the initial portal established in 2003 has successfully revolutionized the way consumers purchase moving insurance. In a relatively short time, we have expanded our moving insurance program to include a network of over 1000 affiliated moving companies around the world.

Capitalizing on the success of, we have decided to broaden the agency’s operations by offering similar insurance programs to the burgeoning self-storage, mobile storage, rental truck and logistics/freight markets. With these new programs, the company brings its expertise and proven methodology to the estimated 10 million Americans who store their household items in over 60 thousand self-storage facilities and to the 4 million Americans who either move themselves using mobile storage services or rent trucks for the same purpose.

The Business: Moving Insurance

Moving, has proven to be the most innovative and customer-oriented moving insurance portal on the market. Our company offers a comprehensive program for moving insurance policies, while enabling a real-time connection between the insured (the customer buying the insurance), the affiliate (the moving company providing the moving service), and the insurance carrier (the insurance company and its underwriters, who provide the insurance coverage).

Storage provides a sophisticated online application that allows consumers to receive a quote and buy self-storage insurance. We offer coverage from the nation’s top insurance providers at a competitive price. The online process is fast and user friendly, making it attractive to both buyers and sellers of self-storage insurance products. significantly improves and enhances the customer experience with advanced insurance applications and comprehensive customer service.

Mobile Storage Insurance – This program is marketed under the website. Customers are able to get a quick quote and purchase mobile storage insurance online for the transportation and storage phase of their move. The online process is similar to the moving insurance process, although the type of coverage is tailored to the specific needs of the mobile storage industry.

Rental Truck Insurance – This program is marketed through and is targeted toward consumers who choose to relocate their belongings themselves. In the past several years this option has gained more popularity, not only among private consumers, but also with small to large corporate transferees. Our rental truck insurance program is one of only a few available on the market and the only program implemented online.

Logistics Insurance – The logistics or freight insurance program is implemented and managed via An online "Request for Quote" form collects all relevant information needed to insure a specific shipment. Since the shipping of freight is very complex and involved, the insurance underwriting process is done offline.

Fine Art Moving Insurance – This program is marketed through and specializes in the unique requirements if high-end fine art and antique relocations. We have extensive experience, compassion and attention to detail allowing us to help customers, art galleries, museums and auction houses select the right insurance coverage.